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%%player_top X:1 T: Sleep Sound In The Morning M: 4/4 L: 1/8 R: reel K: Amin AB|:cAeA cAeA|BcdB G2 AB|cAeA cAeA|1BAGB A2 AB:|2 BAGB A2 GB|| |:Aaag a2 ea|gedB GBdB|Aaag a2 ea|1 gedB A2 GB:|2 gedB A2 AB|| |:(3cBA gA ^fAgA|edBA G2 AB|(3cBA aA gAaA|ecdB A2 AB:| |:cBcd c2 .c.c|dcde d2 .d.d|eaag agea|gedB A2 AB:||
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