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Tiny Sparrow

%%player_top X:1 T:Tiny Sparrow C:trad. D: H: N:version by PPM originally in C M:4/4 L:1/8 K:G D2 E2 G2 | "Am"A8-|"D"A2 G2 B2 G2 | "G"E2 D6-|"G"D2 w:Come all ye fair_ and ten-der la-dies_ w:If I had known_ be-fore I cour-ted_ w:I wish I were_ a ti-ny spa-rrow_ w:A-las I'm not_ a ti-ny spa-rrow_ D2 E2 G2 | "Am"A8-| "D"A2 (GA) (3(B2A2)G2 | "Em"E8-|"Em"E2 w:take war-ning how_ you_ court_ your men_ w:what all his ly-_ing_ could_ have done_ w:and I had wings_ and_ I_ could fly_ w:I have not wings_ nor_ can_ I fly_ D2 B,3B, | "G"B,8-|"G"B,2 B,B, B,2 B,2 | "Bm"B,2 D6-|"Bm"D2 w:They're like the stars_ on a sum-mer's mor-ning_ w:I'd have~locked my heart_ in a box of gol-den_ w:I'd fly a-way_ to my own true lo-ver_ w:And on this earth_ in * grief and so-rrow_ B,2 B,2 D2 | "Em"E8-|"C"E2 (FE) "Bm"D2 B,2 | "Am"A,8-|"D"A,2 z6 || w:first they'll a-ppear_ and_ then they're gone_ w:and ne-ver would_ have_ cour-ted none_ w:and all he'd ask_ I_ would de-ny_ w:* I am bound_ un-_til I die_
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